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Writer’s groups: how to benefit from them

11 Jan

I read something yesterday about writer’s group that I really liked. “Writer’s groups are your first reader’ groups.” These thoughtful readers are taking the time to read and react for you. You will rarely get that until you are selling lots of books and gauging the reactions on blogs and websites. But up close and personal, the writers have a stake in giving a considered opinion. Why? Because a week or two from now, they will be asking for you to do the same for the; to take some of your time to read and react.

Of course you will encounter the greedy, self-serving who will join only for free editing and ego brushing but, take heart. Those members never last long, probably because no amount of attention will be enough for their self-involved thinking.

The ones ¬†who last and are of the most value are the ones who have learned give and take; the ones who get involved in your writing and lend their best ear to your prose. Treat them well, wise writer, for these are your earliest, best test of readers’ responses. And they have much to teach you.



30,000 feet and 450 miles an hour

2 Jan

It is excusable to step back and be amazed at the world we live in. Instant face to face communication across the globe, our children absorbing technological advances like candy, and the ability to be nearly anywhere on the face of the earth in a matter of hours. I’m on a quick trip to Denver, all my company would allow even after setting sales records for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I am in awe that I can walk out my door in Virginia and walk my sons’ door just hours later.

It’s the whole idea of counting blessings, I’m just counting the blessing of this modern world.