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Approaching Odyssey

9 Jun

It’s almost been magical the way things have fallen neatly into place. In a way, I suppose it’s just that a great combination of things have occurred to make it feel that way. My own planning, the help and support of people who love me, the advance handling of work and personal affairs, the last-minute tasks and obstacles seemed to lose significance as I simply handled them. But isn’t it always this way when a goal is strong, pulling you toward it?
I’ve heard people say, ” Well, it could’ve been worse.” we’ll duh, anything could be worse. Ugh, sayings like that, meaningless mutterings that fill space in the brain…
Look all I know is this: not hell or high water will keep me from getting there and throwing my heart and soul into this. And there are fifteen like-minded people making their journeys toward the Saint Anselm campus and our date with Writer Destiny. Onward and upward!