Update: Summer of 2014

29 Jul

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”
Yes, yes, I could have gone off in another direction. “…get a new job.” “…make a Lemon Squeeze.” etcetra, etcetra
But that would have been as expected as the repeated common phrase now wouldn’t it?

Hello, Seekers. Happy Harry Cox here…wait a minute…wrong script…

Okay, how ’bout an update that nobody but me cares about? Wonderful, Vern, go ahead…

1. Waiting on word from The First Line to see if my story “A Little Excitement” made the cut for their Fall 2014 edition.

2. Just finished what I consider to be a first draft (first revised many times draft) of my novel “Robin” which is YA Supernatural with not one sparkly thing in it, including no vampires, were-anythings, and (praise the lord) no zombies.

3. This summer my major self-imposed task has been to write a series of short stories called “Stories for My Friends”. Each one is written with a specific friend in mind and to appeal to that person’s taste. I just finished the third one. Completed titles are; “The Feline Affair”, “Wyoming Sunrise”, and “Medusa’s Daughter”.

4. I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on the next installment of my role-playing game “The Journey” and my RPG friends seem excited to play this next segment.

Hope all y’all are having a great summer.


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