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Restaurant Review: Balti Tandoori Restaurant in Sterling, Va.

18 May

Do you want your food thrown in a paper bag and shoved across the counter by some kid who couldn’t care less if he forgot your fries? Or do you want amazing foods prepared by people who care about you and are proud of what they serve? Thought so.

If you desire the home-cooked flavor of Indian cuisine, you need look no further than the Balti Tandoori Restaurant in Sterling, Virginia (46005 Regal Plaza, Ste. 140). It’s an easy-to-find location and steps away from the cinema if you’re out for a wonderful dinner before a movie. Ample parking and a warm welcome are just the start of a special dining experience. Family run and serving traditional and some modernized Indian dishes, Balti has a flair for just the right sauce to accompany dishes sure to please the palette.

We decided to visit in the off-hours between their busy lunch and dinner services but still the regulars were coming in in a steady stream. Besides our group, probably everyone else in the restaurant had been there before, a sure sign that we were in for a tasty treat.

We started with a mixed appetizer platter which contained vegetable samosas, pakora, and sheesh kabobs ($12.95). We added an extra order of samosas ($4.50) and an Indian style vegetable wrap ($5.95) for our vegetarian guests. The wrap was light and delicious with sauces provided to heat it up or make it sweet. The pakora was perfect and samosas worthy of being called a “signature dish”.

Our group was eating light so we decided to share an order of the vegetable korma ($9.95) and it soon had us raving about the dish, a perfect blend of vegetables, nuts, and spices. At the next table, they were enjoying the Palek Paneer and Bhindi Masala, surely two dishes that will be on our order next time. Our dessert was some very nice Indian Chai and  Kheer, the traditional Indian rice pudding.

The experience was something we still talk about: delicious food served by caring people who bring the tastes of India to this small and inviting Virginia location. Visit but don’t go alone…be sure to bring along a special friend to enjoy this exceptional food.